Bangkok, Thailand

08 / 2018

SCOPE: Interior Design | PM | General Contractror

The client’s brief required us to create the ultimate bachelor pad using dark colours and blending them in with gold accents to add luxury. The penthouse needed to be functional and incorporate the latest in modern technology and amenities. In addition, the client requested that each room feature eye-catching pieces, ensuring a cohesive opulence throughout.

The ecletic pieces used to decorate the property include a moss like wallcovering surrounding the living space, a royal blue sofa, situated in the center of the master bedroom and unique lighting pieces in each room. Our favourite part of the project was the black marble wall at the entrance of the penthouse, with LED light inserts, juxstaposed against the hexagonal golden mirrored panelling.

The design team managed to create luxurious, yet spacious environment, by toning down the dark colours used, blending in the use of mirrors and light coloured soft furnishings. Throughout the property, gold accents were used on some details to enrich a design that would have otherwise been clean cut and rigorous.