Principality of Monaco

02 / 2015

SCOPE: Interior Design | PM | Procurement Agent

A luxury yet contemporary space in an innovative architectural masterpiece — revolutionary for Monte Carlo. The brief was to design a contemporary space which felt luxurious without being opulent. The idea was to play with technology and produce a highly automated proper- ty. We were asked to maintain light colors and add a touch of blue where possible.

We were proud to deliver a living space with amazing 360-degree views. From the digital aquarium to the backlit niches, sea view, and mirrors on the back wall which reflect the panorama into the room… This for us was the greatest achievement.

It was a challenge to use restricted spaces and make them feel spacious. We strove to ensure a sense of luxury through the selection of materials, yet keeping it airy. We worked on ambiance and technology. The digital aquarium, starry sky and the backlit niches are all prima donnas in this play of beauty. We kept all colors neutral so we could accent all areas with blue — the client’s preferred color. This worked perfectly well with the sea view which dominates every room.